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Posted on Sunday, May, 27, 2018

By Norton Rodriguez / Producer/Director

A Faith-Based Comedy Movie on How To Speak English!

El Maestro de Ingles será producida en Spanglish!

The English Teacher - The Movie is based on an English Teacher named Mr. Perez (better known by the students as 'Profe').  Profe loves teaching English to his adult students.  He lives a very modest life on a very low-income; while working two jobs just to make ends meet.  Teaching English is Mr. Perez Passion; his English Class is composed of interesting, diverse, playful and sometimes annoying bunch.   Based on Profe's own experience and struggles in coming to the United States, he understands the importance of learning English to experience the true American Dream.  But soon, the pressures of life in the USA, his strange Dominican wife, the extra-work load and just being a Christian Hispanic man in America begins to overwhelm him, until... His students come up with an unexpected hilarious idea which ends up turning Mr. Perez world upside down... for the better.

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We've done most the pre-production work, and have started filming the movie in November 2018.   We have all the Cast & Crew plus we have all the production gear to complete The English Teacher movie.   

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The Movie Premiere


Once the movie is shot, edited and completed we will have a Private Cast & Crew screening of the movie at a local South Florida movie theater.  The 1st movie screening will be 'exclusively' for the Cast & Crew, Sponsors, Our Film Students, The Press and those who may have made donations to the making of the film.   

Your love-gift donations will help us fund the making of the movie.   Thank You!

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A Faith-Based Comedy Movie on How To Speak English!


Our Production

The English Teacher movie will be entirely filmed in South Florida; but also including several other countries.  The God of Moses Entertainment will provide all the production Cameras and Lighting gear, while 'Eduardo 'Papo' Gerena | Faith Films Entertainment will provide all the film Audio gear for the movie. And we have already  selected a professional cast and crew.   And we began filming in November 2018, and should be done filming by May 2019.


Our Goal

Our Goal for the film The English Teacher is to produce an exciting new and entertaining Comedy film, with a unique story, great actors and with an amazing 4K Digital Cinematic Film Quality.  We truly believe this film will travel the world providing fun and laughter to viewers everywhere.  This is a very special, family friendly and Christ centered film with a clear vision of Faith in a Loving God.   The movie itself also acts as a very creative English Class like nothing ever seen or experienced before.

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We provide a Donation Program to become part of the movie making experience and even be 'part of a scene' in the movie.  And for your Love-Gift your Name will  be added at the End-Credits of the movie!  Your support and contributions will help us produce the English Teacher movie.  A Family Faith-Based Comedy film the whole family will enjoy.   

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